Password Book – The Password Manager

New: Added support for Import / Export of accounts

The password manager designed for Windows 8 and for Windows Phone

In last years, we started to use a lot of internet sites and services, like Hotmail Facebook or Paypal. We must always provide some credentials for registration, like email and password. Sometimes, we do not remember the login infos for a particular service and we cannot easily retrieve them. Password Book is the free and efficient solution for this kind of problem: it allows you to save and manage your accounts, with the highest reliability and security.

Your accounts infos will be stored on your smartphone with some of the most powerful encryption techniques. No one, except for you, can access that infos. Password Book is the best tool for managing your secret infos. In order to enhance your security, it does not access the identity of your phone and does not access to the Internet.

Password Book is available both on Windows Phone 7 and on Windows 8.

You can browse the Windows 8 Store at the following link:

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace link:

Screenshots from WP7:

Screenshots from Windows 8:

Let’s download!

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22 thoughts on “Password Book – The Password Manager

  1. Richard

    I really like the whole concept of Password Book for Windows 8: The single master password for entry into the app makes using it easy to begin with plus, with the addition of the semantic zoom, navigation to a password is a breeze. Customisation by allowing the user to select a solid colour background fits nicely with the Windows 8 Metro interface too. Not forgetting the added security of having the app time-out after a user set period is also a really nice touch.

    I can imagine even more functionality from this app whereby it would be able to launch into a web site and automatically enter a username and password without having to copy it to the clipboard first … ?

    I can be forgetful at times so having access to a Password Book is pretty much essential for me but on the same note I noticed there isn’t a way to retrieve the master password for Password Book! Nevertheless, I can imagine that I’ll continue to use Password Book for as long I use passwords …

    Thank you for the free app and very well done, Marco!

  2. lucille huelin

    I can’t open the book my password is not working and there are no instructions for changing passwords

    1. Marco Di Tullio Post author

      I’m sorry but Password Book does not access to the Internet , and your book is encrypted using your password.
      At the moment there’s no way to reset your password.

  3. Brandon

    I have changed the settings on the app to time out after 30 seconds… it wont time out at all. It opens right back up to the home screen without having to enter my password. Is there a setting somewhere I need to change to make the app setting work?

  4. Luanne Little

    I spent a good part of an afternoon entering information from SEVERAL accounts. When I logged back into Password Book, I had access to only 12!

  5. Kurt Wm Cobb

    I like your app. It is very helpful, however I would like for it to copy a username along with the email & passwords. Also a would like to know if there is any adjustment to the time out feature by the user. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Confused in NJ

    What’s the difference between this and having a spreadsheet in Excel with all my usernames and passwords for all sites I access? My Excel spreadsheet has a password which only I know.

  7. Paul Beckett

    I’ve been making entries and saving them, then finding they seem to have disappeared after a new entry is made. Is there a limit on the total number of entries? Pls copy reply to my email, below. Thank you, Paul Beckett

  8. Claudio Cinapri


    I just upgraded my surface tablet from Windows 8.1 trial version to the full 8.1 and now my password is empty.

    Please help !!!!!!!!!

    1. Marco Di Tullio Post author


      Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce your problem on my PC.
      I’m trying to ‘create’ the issue on my tablet (which is not a Surface, but an Asus VIVO RT) where I’m installing 8.1

      I need some additional info from you:
      Is your tablet a Surface Pro or Surface RT?
      What you see when you open the app? The registration form or the login form?


      1. Claudio Cinapri

        Thanks for the reply. I have a Microsoft Surface RT tablet with windows 8.1. When I click on the password app on my startup page it asks for my password and then goes to the next page which would have listed all my passwords,l however only one pops up entitled ‘My Service’ that I don’t know. Thank you

    1. Marco Di Tullio Post author

      I’ve installed 8.1 on my tablet, and after some days Password Book still runs correctly.
      The same as with other tablets of colleagues and friends, who have installed it on WinRT 8.1.
      If I get news or updates, I will write on this post.

  9. Claudio Cinapri

    The concern is not whether your software runs on windows 8.1, the problem is that when
    you upgrade to the 8.1, all the information that I had stored on your software in the previous windows is lost. I am trying to recover all the password information that I setup.

  10. Edgar

    Password book is a great app, but I cannot log into it anymore. I get a white screen that says “Application error” when I try to log in. Please help!


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